How to surprise a guest? Strandhotel Cadzand-Bad

Our values


Every Strandhotel employee works with passion and dedication on the daily reception of guests. The employee stands for what he does, radiates strength, is an enthusiastic storyteller ... Is dedicated, genuinely interested, committed, courteous and loyal. To guests, colleagues and themselves.


The hospitality experience of the Strandhotel is part of the culture of the brand. It is pure, sincere, respectful, caring. The mindset is about giving, always in the interest of the guest and colleagues. An employee of the Strandhotel is always himself.


Connection with the world around you. With guests, the environment where the hotel is located, with colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs, suppliers. Every employee is involved, knows what is happening, is proactive and always looking for novelties that exceed guests in their expectations.


An employee of the Strandhotel thinks out-of-the-box, is open-minded, positive. Has a 9+ mentality, is creative in spirit and solution-oriented. Creates the unexpected and surprised!

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