How to surprise a guest? Strandhotel Cadzand-Bad


At AIRrepublic we serve dishes that highlight the best of the sea in its purest essence. Each dish is a representation of the rich Cadzand region.The kitchen is based on the classic kitchen in combination with robust accents of the wood-fired oven and grill. A balanced marriage of pure high-quality ingredients, creamy sauces, subtle notes of fresh herbs and delicious vinaigrettes. The AIRrepublic menu is an array of flavors to devour, accompanied by a superior and versatile wine and cocktail list. 

Bar Forty Nine where classic traditions and subtle innovation meet! We look forward to welcoming hotel guests and visitors and residents of Cadzand to our bar setting with easy accessibility and where you can choose from a wonderful selection of wines, surprising cocktails and a selection of accessible dishes.

Pine House, for the slow-starters of the day, this is their ultimate place. When early birds meditate on the beach and surfers conquer the first waves of the North Sea, there is a different buzz going on in Pine House, Strandhotel's beakfast restaurant. Because the breakfast ritual is just as important for these guests as the culinary experience the night before.