Cadzand and the surrounding area offer plenty of culture, nature, tranquility and above all fresh air.
You can walk along the beach for hours and hours; you can also indulge yourself if you like going for beautiful bicycle rides.
You can also take a bike and go for a ride through the beautiful area on well stocked biking trails.

The historical Bruges and Sluis, the fashionable, trendy Knokke, the unique nature reserve 'het Zwin' and Ghent are just around the corner.
In Bruges and Ghent you can enjoy the beautiful history that both cities have to offer. In Sluis and Knokke (but also in Bruges and Ghent) you can go shopping in the many nice shops and boutiques.
Picturesque villages like Retranchement, Aardenburg, Groede, Sluis and Damme are very close by.

Cadzand also offers lots of activities for all ages: you can enjoy cycling, playing golf (Oostburg / Knokke / Damme), (kite) surfing, hiking and horse riding.
For children there are many playgrounds and children's farms within a short distance (bike or car).

'Het Zwin' is the only natural border between Belgium and the Netherlands. At low tide you can cross the border by foot.
On the beach of Cadzand, and especially near 'het Zwin', it's a sport to search for shark teeths.
These shark teeth are millions years old. Especially children are fascinated to sarch for those teeths.

Well in Cadzand and the surrounding area is much to discover!

Tip: plan here your own cycling trail!