Le Strandhotel à Cadzand-Bad

Navigate to spacious nature. Typical Zeeland light above the infinite beach. A horizontal line in the distance, where the sun disappears behind the horizon. With a friendly and warm welcome. Where a culinary experience of Sergio Herman merges with the stylish interior design of Studio Piet Boon and the hospitality of the Strandhotel embraces you.

Here gourmets, surfers, doers and dreamers come together on the last stretch of beach in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. You can not get any further south on the Dutch coast...

The Strandhotel is the place for Food & Well-being where all the senses are stimulated with space for the eye and the mind.

Located on a dune, impressive view over the immensely wide beaches. Untouched, open and quiet. Distant seascapes, sometimes dark gray, then bright blue. Spectacular skies. Always surprising and memorable. The seasons are the setting here on the Zeeland coast.

The beautiful nature of Zeeland and Het Zwin. The dune area with its characteristic crops. It is combined in all its facets with stylish design and a warm, hospitable welcome.
All senses are stimulated here.

The Strandhotel is also the home of Michelin star chef Sergio Herman. The man who put Zeeland's culinary traditions on the map worldwide. Here we find his restaurant concepts Pure C and Blueness. In the marina of Cadzand with its head on the North Sea wind, brasserie AIRrepublic. In all three places you will disappear in his predilection for Zeeland crustaceans and shellfish. This is tasting and enjoying Zeeland at its best.



Pinehouse Breakfast


Pure C


"Enjoy it, love it…"

Team Strandhotel – Blueness – Pure C – AIRrepublic