Evenements memoires dans un regime exclusif et inspirant

Create new plans or develop strategies? Celebrating a team building activation or a jubilee? Near the beach and the noise of the sea, there is always a little more creativity and inspiration. The Strandhotel lends itself extremely well to active meetings or festive culinary events. Meetings are facilitated in breakfast restaurant the Pine House or on a smaller scale in the Private Dining of Blueness. For product launches it is possible to completely privatize the restaurants Pure C, AIRepublic or Blueness. A festive jubilee often requires a detailed approach for which on request it is possible to privatize the hotel entirely. 

We like to work with a number of creative event planners and local entrepreneurs. . Together we develop special program components in which the unique culinary experience of our hotel adds an extra special element to your event.
Our team of chefs led by Sergio Herman is a valuable sparring partner.

Do you have a specific question? Contact us via events@strandhotel.eu